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What sets Atlas apart from other fertilisers is the ability to supply plant nutrition in an environmentally friendly manner. By using beneficial biological elements to our advantage we significantly improve the efficiency of achieving the desired outcome for growers. The biological aspects regenerate soils while the fortified minerals support economic viability. Furthermore, a bag of Atlas contains up to fifteen nutritional components more than a bag of conventional fertiliser. Both the expertise and the product offering within Atlas are unique – the two together deliver exceptional results for growers.


Atlas can custom blend fertilisers to you soil and crop demands. Atlas considers a Broad spectrm of nutrients: Nitrogen (N), Phosphate (P), Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Sulphur (S), Silica (Si), Iron (Fe), Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), Manganese (Mn), Boron (B), Molybdenum (Mo) plus many trace elements which are not even quantified but play a role in balancing the chemical relationships between nutrients. These are naturally found in the organic substrate of our fertilisers.


Atlas places emphasis on the principles of organic chemistry and bio-chemistry. This means we use the natural synergy which micro-organisms and plants have developed over millions of years to increase plant productivity. By fortifying organic material with mineral fertilisers one increases the nutrient availability of the mineral fertilisers, thus the plant is able to develop a strong internal immune system.


Atlas has a regenerative effect on soils. We see this on a daily basis when farmers who have historically farmed with conventional chemical practices start following Atlas programs. This results in economic gain from the get-go while sustainably managing the soil into a rejuvenated state. This coupled with the holistic approach by Atlas’ technical consultants ensure  crop management is at its optimal.


Atlas has expertise which have been developed since 1966. This means we have the ability to advise on a range of crops. From home gardens to high value tree crops like citrus and avocados, commodity crops, and the cover crops which don’t bring money this season but keep the soil healthy for next season. Atlas’ technical expertise is second to none and all with a biological slant from before biological farming was the ‘in thing’.


The presence of organics in close proximity to mineral fertilisers helps buffer the effects of pH and other adverse chemical imbalances in the soil. Thus protecting the mineral fertilisers from becoming unavailable to the plant. This also applies to leaching, a scenario where nutrients are ‘washed’ out of the soil by irrigation or heavy rains.


Although Atlas has a greater upfront cost (because it includes so many more nutritional components) the result is greater than the sum of the parts. This means that the profit margin on crops grown with Atlas is bigger.


Sustained release differs from slow release in that the nutrients in an Atlas product are quickly available yet have a sustained availability to the plant. Pure chemical fertilisers are quickly available but also can quickly become unavailable. Slow release fertilisers are slow to release but remain available for extended periods of time. Reduced leaching and runoff are only one of the many benefits experienced when using Atlas fertilizers


Atlas increases carbon sequestration through increased plant photosynthesis and microbial sugar feeding. Coupled with many other benefits as mentioned above, this means crops are grown with less inputs and more nutrient dense produce.

Targeted Solutions


  • Agronomic advice with an holistic approach
  • Product supply – for every challenge there is a solution
  • After sales support and crop performance monitoring
  • Long term planning for soil health and farm sustainability


Crops need more than N, P, and K, to reach full potential. The cost of implementing this approach is negligible when it comes to harvest. Increased yield with increased quality is what planting Atlas will achieve. Resilience to pests and disease comes standard.


Atlas Organic Products


The environmental difference


Our products and practices are founded on the philosophy of biological sustainability. The integration of mineral inputs with biological elements promotes beneficial biodiversity rather than sterile farming environments. We are highly conscious of the importance of healthy soil in an ecosystem and therefore promote farming practices that are in synergy with the environment. Our product is a complete, balanced, biological nutrition solution.



Atlas Organic Fertilisers are produced in a factory which has achieved the technological leading edge. Over the past 50 years we have refined the methods of enriching organics with macro, micro and trace elements. We produce custom mixes of powder or pellets at temperatures which guarantee microbial preservation. As a business we strive for excellence and are proud of our honest approach to business. Your success is our success and we genuinely want you to experience the advantages of sustainable farming. With a capacity of over 50 000 tons, our factory is geared to put your crops essential needs in a bag.

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