Vaalharts Ground Nuts

Farmer: Mr Paul van Wyk
Company: Vaalharts Ground Nuts (VGN)

Paul van Wyk has been farming in the Vaalharts area for many years. He practices a crop rotation system of maize, wheat, barley, ground nuts and lucerne. He also has pecan orchards.

About four years ago, Paul changed part of his fertilizer program to Atlas Organic Fertilizers.

These programs consist of a half organic mix from Atlas, top dressed with liquid fertilizer applied through the centre pivot.

Given the sandy conditions and the constant planting of crops over so many years, the Vaalharts soils are especially responsive to Atlas bio-enriched fertilizer. Thus by introducing Atlas to his fertilizer program, and exercising good agricultural practice Paul has drastically increased his average yields. This increased yield has increased the profitability of his farm.

Paul sees Atlas as a business partner. Atlas services him with a unique product in conjunction with good agronomic advice, and together we make sure that optimal yield is achieved.

We at Atlas thank you oom Paul for a good business relationship over the years.

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